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Combo Wooden Monograms

*Enter the initials in the correct monogram order (first/last/middle), or (hers/last/his for a couple). The monogram will be cut out in the order you supply the initials.
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The Combo Monogram has a nice balance of serious and swirl.  The outside letters are in block form where the middle larger letter is in Vine. 


These monograms are measured by the width, they will be wider than they are tall.  For example, ordering a 24 inch wide monogram will be approximately 17.5 inches tall.  The height will vary with the letters chosen, but the width will be what you order.  The monogram will be 1/2” thick.



Recommended for indoor use only.


Helpful Size suggestions:

•12" is great to add to a wreath

•18" - 24" are great sizes for doors

•24" on up great for wall hanging


When Ordering:

Please give me the initials in the order that they should appear on the monogram.  Please use lowercase letters for the left and right side letters, and a CAPITAL letter for the center letter. Here is an example: Mary Jane Smith: mSj.


If you are ordering a MARRIED monogram, it is traditional to list the woman's first initial, followed by the LAST name initial, followed the man's first name initial.  Here is an example: Mary and Paul Greene: mGp.  


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